Artist Interview: XAVIER SCHIPANI

Austin, Texas resident, Xavier Schipani, is a drawing machine from the moment he wakes up each day. He's got big near future goals of completely changing up the art gallery scene in the land of keepin' in weird. Currently he's happily busy with commissions, album covers, publishing his own zines, and local mural painting. Xavier is also a MICA 2007 alumni and shares his birthday with Bill Murray.

Artist Interview: APRIL CAMLIN

We bring you another amazing artist associated with the Baltimore art/comedy group Wham City, April Camlin. She’s somewhere between a fashion or textile designer and fine artist, and onced played Lex Murphy in a small stage production of “Jurassic Park”. Her current black and white textile series is so eye-catching we needed to ask her all about it.

Artist Interview: DINA KELBERMAN

She’s not sure what genre of artist to currently consider herself, but regardless, anything Dina Kelberman artistically creates is worthy of your time. She seems to always be involved in collaborative projects, including being a part of the art/comedy group Wham City, as well as her own independent creative pursuits. You can see her comics in Baltimore’s weekly City Paper, or online. Her astute observations make her a master at wit, and harvesting organized collections of internet images. Even the New Museum agrees. Dina took some time to talk to me about her recent projects, take some time to read about them.

Artist Interview: JIMMY GIEGRICH

Happy Halloween, ghosts and ghouls. On this day dedicated to all that is scary, we bring you a master of cult horror illustration, Jimmy Giegrich. The mixed bag of (candy) 1990's childhood influences ooze through his style, everything from punk rock to anime. Jimmy's illustrations perfectly blend humor, horror, and hella impressive line quality and color palettes. Before you put yourself into a sugar and/or booze induced Halloween coma, take a few minutes and see what Ray Jones had to ask Jimmy.

Artist Interview: AMY GUIDRY

Keeping surrealism alive and thriving down in Louisiana is Painter Amy Guidry. She works in a photorealistic style, using incredibly personal and political symbolism. Amy's veganism and relationship to animals and nature strongly influences her visual language. The details in her painted desertscapes and animal furs are so intricate it makes you want to reach out and pet that floating wolf head. Enjoy our conversation about Amy's psychologically charged mini masterpieces.