Smoking Barrel’s Bushwick Graffiti Criticism Corner

In this edition of the criticism corner, we explore a new medium of graffiti: the chalk drawing. Generally used only by children in suburbia, it’s rather appropriate that this child-like form of expression and artistry would find its way to Bushwick. Written in pink in a somewhat legible hand, one would assume this was the work of a female–though one can never be too certain considering that gender is merely an illusion in this town.




As for the meaning of the phrase, well, I suppose it’s easy enough to determine what the first three words are supposed to infer: people in Bushwick can’t give up on their dreams in large part due to delusions of grandeur. The addition of the word “bone” at the end might just be a result of hyper-charged sexual appetites in the neighborhood. It’s like a sexual form of Tourette’s.

Graffiti Grade: Marginal

Graffiti Location: Morgan Avenue subway platform, near Bogart entrance–see it before it’s erased!