Nice to meet you


Hey everyone! Nice to meet you.

The handsome gentleman to the left is Ray Jones; the lovely lady on the right is Shanon Weltman. With the help of our super genius webcoder Sophat Sam, we are CLAW CLAW.

CLAW CLAW is named after our cranky old black cat. His full name is Dr. Beavis Claw, but Claw Claw is more fun to say.

We’re a couple living and running our studio in Brooklyn, NY. Ray specializes in dark brush & ink illustrations with equally dark subject matter. He is also a kung fu master and [ex] metal drummer. Shanon specializes in character designs and hand drawn typography. She is in love with Metaphysics and reality cooking competition shows.

Follow this blog and check out our upcoming Artist Interview Series, starting with Boston based Illustrator Ellen T. Crenshaw.