The Whitney’s New Location Causes Sensory Overload

The Whitney Museum's transference to the Meatpacking District from its original uptown location at Madison and 75th signals a number of momentous events. 1) The Whitney is continuing to prove that it is at the forefront of modernism and progressiveness in the art world, and 2) All the rich people now live downtown as opposed to uptown.

Artist Spotlight: WINNIE TRUONG

Born in 1988, Winnie Truong lives and works in Toronto, where she received a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design’s drawing and painting program. Her work has been published in numerous art publications, including the cover of Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz, and Walk the Line: The Art of Drawing.

For Once, Björk Leaves Me Unmoved

While this retrospective is theoretically brilliant on paper, actually seeing it makes you realize that MoMA was too reliant on Björk as a name that would attract casual museum-goers and therefore decided that a pristine execution of the curation was unnecessary. And this is rather unfortunate, as Björk--and her fans--deserve better.

Donatello Gives Some Cachet to Biblical Art

The small, intimate display of some of the most important Renaissance masterpieces from the Florence Cathedral showcases not only Donatello's early works, but also significant sculptures from Nanni di Banco, Giovanni D'Ambrogio and Filippo Brunelleschi. While Donatello is the clear-cut (no marble pun intended) master who stands out from all the rest, his contemporaries show remarkable attention to detail--punctuated by intense emotion--in their renderings.

Smoking Barrel’s Graffiti Criticism Corner, Florence Edition

When it comes to graffiti of this nature, Banksy pretty much has it on lockdown. Anyone else's attempt at it just feels naturally contrived in the worst possible sort of imitative way. While Europe in general seems to have a higher concern regarding the privacy invasion of CCTV, it is really America that should be worried. And yet, we're obsessed with putting ourselves on blast via various "social media outlets" (a phrase I'm convinced will eventually be as antiquated as World Wide Web).

Putting the Pomp in Doria-Pamphilj

The most famous painting housed on the premises is, hands down, Velázquez's portrait of Pope Innocent X, in which he is seated regally (a not surprising adjective considering popes were once more powerful than kings at this point in time) wearing a red hat and cape that accents his noble air. But then again, he also looks decidedly sinister--as any pope who banged his sister-in-law would.

Cut It Out: Reflecting on the Matisse Exhibit at MoMA

The comprehensive look into this underrated, yet incredibly prolific period in Matisse's career featured nearly one hundred works of art borrowed from both public and private collections. While MoMa has been in possession of Matisse's landmark cutout piece, The Swimming Pool, ever since it was acquired in 1975, this was the museum's first attempt at adequately paying Matisse his due with respect to the assiduous artistry it took to endeavor through this final complete decade in his career.


Loïc Locatelli Kournwsky is a comic book artist who works in Lyon, France.

Artist Interview: XAVIER SCHIPANI

Austin, Texas resident, Xavier Schipani, is a drawing machine from the moment he wakes up each day. He's got big near future goals of completely changing up the art gallery scene in the land of keepin' in weird. Currently he's happily busy with commissions, album covers, publishing his own zines, and local mural painting. Xavier is also a MICA 2007 alumni and shares his birthday with Bill Murray.

The Vatican Museums: Or, Inventing A New Drinking Game During Which You Take A Shot Every Time You See A Madonna & Child

In many respects, people look on religious-themed artwork as somehow "lesser than" or perhaps lacking in imagination. However, what you'll find at the Vatican is a veritable collage of all the ways in which art has proven that in spite of the infinite wars and hatred it has caused among various factions, the sculptural and painterly output produced as a result of it has maybe--just maybe--made it all worthwhile.

Artist Spotlight: WINNIE SONG

Winnie Song is a game maker based in Brooklyn currently attaining an MFA for Game Design at NYU Game Center.

Smoking Barrel’s Graffiti Criticism Corner, Rome Edition

One would think that international graffiti would hold something of a more intellectual flair. However, it would seem, this is a false preconceived notion to have. Case in point, is this little cherry from a rando wall on the streets of Rome, declaring, "Antifascisti Sempre," which means "Antifascists Always."

Art Basel: A Hedonist’s Paradise

Perhaps the ultimate quote of the weekend at Art Basel for me was, "Why would I ever leave Miami? Why leave paradise?" And while the man had a point, as Eve (the Bible bitch, not the hip hop singer) and Lana Del Rey in Tropico will tell you, the boredom of paradise can become pretty hellish after awhile. This may be why Art Basel is limited to a long weekend. Too much of a good thing can drive you crazy, as there's a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Artist Interview: APRIL CAMLIN

We bring you another amazing artist associated with the Baltimore art/comedy group Wham City, April Camlin. She’s somewhere between a fashion or textile designer and fine artist, and onced played Lex Murphy in a small stage production of “Jurassic Park”. Her current black and white textile series is so eye-catching we needed to ask her all about it.

Artist Interview: DINA KELBERMAN

She’s not sure what genre of artist to currently consider herself, but regardless, anything Dina Kelberman artistically creates is worthy of your time. She seems to always be involved in collaborative projects, including being a part of the art/comedy group Wham City, as well as her own independent creative pursuits. You can see her comics in Baltimore’s weekly City Paper, or online. Her astute observations make her a master at wit, and harvesting organized collections of internet images. Even the New Museum agrees. Dina took some time to talk to me about her recent projects, take some time to read about them.